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Case study -2018


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Why? Slim's has been in business for over 90 years. It was bought by the Horn family in the late 70's. The business has an amazing reputation and has survived mostly on word of mouth. That is an amazing accomplishment and a true testimony to how great this company is. They did have a website built several years back but did nothing with it.

In the last couple years, they have noticed a change in the market they serve. The decision to reorganize the company and make some changes. They needed a new look and a new way to reach people. They decided to reach out to us!!

Our Goal

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Our goal at My Refuge Design was to help Slim's refocus and modernize their Social Media footprint. In over 90 years they had never had a logo for their company. That was our first goal. After talking with the owners several times we realized they had a love for vinyl records. We set out to make a logo that would show the love of the company and their love of the Vinyl Records. The next goal was to design an updated website. While working on the site we would work together to have a Web/ Social Media footprint. Along with other fun goals such as T-shirts, Christmas cards, brochures. This was a fun project for us!


Here you can see a couple shots of the Website Slim's had before the update. It is in line with what was popular 6 to 7 years ago. They were missing key information. Such as a contact page. The company also has moved away from residential work and is focusing more on Commercial and Industrial business. Along with ADA and Security Systems. The website itself just needed an update and a quick redo. We were able to keep many of the photos they already had. This was an easy way to save them money.

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New Website!

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Social Media

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