My Refuge Design is backed by 20 years of experience in a high demand development environment. We can write code for a single informational page all the way to a much more complex database driven web application. If you can dream it we can code it.

Web Design

UX/UI - Creativity - Passion

We are here to change the culture of the web development process. We are not only passionate about creating beautiful and original websites but we will do it with marketing and cyber security in mind first. Your website is where guests will learn about your company. It is where they will have a first impression. Our vision is to help you articulate your vision and be a one-stop shop to ease the process for you. We don’t want to just work with any client we want to work with you throughout the whole journey.

We design with strategies and purpose that match your goals. We always design with responsive designs so no matter how your guests view your page it will be working and always looking optimal.

We even create custom web applications!

Application Development

Our App development experience comes from 20 years of being in a high demand enterprise. We are one of the few full stack developers in the region. We are always looking to bring exciting ideas to life. We have no problem signing an NDA to see if we can help you create your dream.

Web Maintenance

Cyber Security is the wave of the future. Does your Website work 100% of the time?

In this day and age website maintenance is crucial. There are so many different areas that a website needs regular maintenance on. This is the front line against cyber security attacks. It is the ongoing support of content and current web files. We will make sure your website is always up and running with no broken links. We are also able to validate files to make sure malicious hackers have not altered them. Having a SEO plan is a must in most industries. We offer different packages to meet your company’s needs.

We can also offer this service to websites created by other developers.


In this vast market, effective marketing is what will set you apart. Branding your company will show the world how you want to be seen. We can help you come up with a consistent image to show your guests that you are the company they are seeking.

We invest a significant amount of time learning and understanding your companies goals and then we come up with a smart strategy plan. Whether it be with social media, print, email marketing or a mixture of all. There should not be a one size fits all approach to your company’s marketing.